Norwegian Pewter Serving Spoons


This is a beautiful set of highly polished pewter serving spoons in the original box.  The spoons are from the Bauta-Tinn series from Hardanger Sylvplett, a Norwegian manufacturer of high-end pewter homewares located in Hardanger on the Southwest coast of Norway.  Their website is here:

In the time of the Viking kings, pewter was of such status that royalty ate from pewter plates.  Today, pewter is cherished because of its tradition in Norway, but mostly for its lasting beauty.

The spoons are just over 10″ long.  They are sturdy with each weighing around 5-6 ounces.  Probably around 50 years old, the box shows wear after many years of service, but the spoons are in perfect condition.  They will look fantastic on your dining room table and are sure to get compliments.  A small leaflet from the manufacturer tells the story of pewter in Norway so you can share historic details with your guests.

Hardanger is famous for its breathtaking vistas and bridal bunad’er with fabulous headdresses.

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All of our gently used items are hand selected and purchased in Norway, then lovingly packed up and shipped to us for sale in the US.

VINTAGE NOTE: Please remember that this item is handcrafted and has already had a previous life. Therefore, there might be the occasional scuffs, dings, or signs of wear. We will do our best to document any imperfections and provide clear photographs but hope that you see any small blemishes as signs of personality like we do!

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 2 in