Feeling Koselig

Its like a warm hug from a friend.



If there’s only one thing that most people know about Norway it’s that its COLD. They experience long winters that range from rainy and dreary in the South to heavy, heavy snow in the North – all with waning sunlight hours. But another fact about Norway is that it’s usually ranked as one of the the happiest countries, along with Finland and Denmark.

So what’s their secret? How do they stay happy living in a place that spends such a big portion of its year locked in a cold, dark, isolating winter? In one word; “koselig.” The word is used as both a noun (koselig) and a verb (kose). The closest English approximation to koselig would probably be “cozy” but it still doesn’t cover the meaning of koselig in its entirety. Other elements that could be considered a part of koselig would be, community, warmth, intimacy, contentment, and comfort.

Imagine this scene: You’re in a cabin. Outside, its dark and quiet with the freshly fallen snow. Inside, its warm from a roaring fire in the wood burning stove and illuminated by candles. You’re enjoying the company of some of your closest friends or family while sipping hot coffee and eating home made deserts (or waffles). Thats it! That feeling is koselig!

For Norwegians, koselig is a state of mind as well as an action. A warm embrace and a positive attitude. Like so many of the items that we sell here, the Norwegians have a remarkable talent for taking items that were born out of a place of utility and necessity and then crafting them into items of understated beauty and elegance. That’s what they did with the cold, harsh winters. They embraced the unavoidable necessity of the weather and crafted it into a opportunity to enjoy the company of others and a connection with nature.

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