Large Rosemaling Carved Wooden Spoon


Now, this is a spoon to eat your rømmegrøt with!!

At 13.75 inches tall and 3 inches at it’s widest, this large wooden spoon demands attention.  The carving is lovely and is signed by the artist “S.F. 90” on the back.  It weighs 3 oz.

Linda has several of these carved wooden spoons, and she always gets raves from her guests when the spoons are on the table.   This hand-carved Rosemaling patterned spoon can by hung on the wall for decoration, or actually used in the kitchen daily.

Tip from Vicki: Don’t put your wooden spoon in the dishwasher; the water is too hot and can damage the carving.  Instead, wash it in the sink and every so often, rub vegetable oil into it to preserve the wood.

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All of our gently used items are hand selected and purchased in Norway, then lovingly packed up and shipped to us for sale in the US.

VINTAGE NOTE: Please remember that this item is handcrafted and has already had a previous life. Therefore, there might be the occasional scuffs, dings, or signs of wear. We will do our best to document any imperfections and provide clear photographs but hope that you see any small blemishes as signs of personality like we do!

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 14 × 3.5 × 3.5 in